What is Software and Technology Consultancy?

Technology does not have an organism like living things, but it is a discipline that evolves under time and develops under the light of science. It has emerged in different species against human beings within the requirements and necessities.

In today’s capitalist and high-temp market, those who have captured the technological trend and identified this trend with themselves have climbed the success stages rapidly, and those who have applied traditional methods are on the spot.

Being able to follow technological developments and to understand these trends is possible with a certain knowledge and experience. However, firms and organizations wishing to implement technology in each department are often able to choose the wrong technology or give up this preference because of lack of knowledge and experience.

As Modsoft, we want to analyze the functioning structure of your company and offer the most suitable technology to your company’s requirements.

What Software and Technology Consulting is not

This service is not meant to limit the firm or organization, that is, the service area, to its own knowledge only if the service provider is limited to what he or she knows.

We can not offer our service without analyzing your formation. For this reason we should be part of your team when you want to get consultancy services. We are also ready to support your projects in this regard. We can also offer this service for your projects that are in the idea and not realized.

What can be done?

  • Existing System Analysis
  • Determination of Needs
  • Investment Need Analysis
  • Information Budget Management
  • Database Analysis
  • ERP-CRM Needs Analysis
  • Project management