• Customer focused
  • Tactical and Strategic Targets Can Be Determined
  • Personnel Training Planable
  • Product and personnel analysis can be done
  • Process Control Capable
  • Free, unlimited and quality technical support

Why Quality Management is Important?

The responsibility of top management in quality management of total quality management (T.K.Y) is ensuring that all the training activities related to quality management at every level and each area are continuous, and that all workforce participates in quality improvement activities in quality control circles.

Businesses can stand as long as they can meet their customers’ requests. To be able to respond to customer requests, to meet the different needs of the society with a quality production in the most appropriate and shortest time. It will be possible to realize total quality understanding by spreading the understanding of quality to all units and business people of the business. For this reason, the enterprise will know and apply how important quality production is for its own sake.


Increase Quality

Reduce Costs

Increases Efficiency

Provides Continuous Improvement