What is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be considered as an application of relational marketing, based on customer feedback and the business owner’s knowledge of the customer. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is intended for the use of existing information technologies in the application of relational marketing strategies.

Technology in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool for implementing this strategy. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a concept that establishes long-lasting customer relationships and, accordingly, profitability, is a concept that adopts the customer-centered cul- ture that places the customer concept throughout the business.

What is Customer Tracking Software for?

Makes customer relationships profitable

Pazarlama ve satış departmanlarının müşteriler ile uzun dönemli ve karlı ilişkiler kurup muhafaza etmelerini sağlar

Meet customer requests

With the help of Customer Tracking Software, it is possible to identify your customers to the entire organization. Thanks to the feedback from the customers, it is possible to do the job in the way they want.

Provide differentiation

In the environment where the products resemble each other, it is possible to get a difference, to identify the customers individually and to provide them with individual production and individual marketing.

Provides cost minimization

A CRM system specially designed for you and designed with a system approach makes it possible to retrieve the separated budget in a short period of time. Given the additional sales from existing customers, the benefits of retaining customers, the savings in the cost of sales and the reduction in intra-company communication costs, the budget can be withdrawn shortly.

Increase the efficiency of your business

Design each activity according to your needs. However, it is necessary to carry out the design from outside to inside, that is, around customer needs.

Provides compatible activities

Customer Tracking Software combines sales, marketing, customer service activities with internet opportunities and ensures that all these activities work in harmony. Both the information obtained from traditional sales channels and the information provided from other alternative channels provide a high level of customer information and related opportunities.


What is Employee Tracking Software?

Employee tracking software is software that you can create performance analysis charts according to your tasks, where you can save the information of all the staff in your company, make salary-bonus calculations.

With employee tracking software, you can easily follow the responsibilities and responsibilities of your staff. With the workflow modules, you will be able to follow a job you have given to the unit where you have gone after the work has finished.

Thanks to the web-based system that is compatible with your mobile devices, you will not be left behind even if you are not in your office anymore.


What can you do with the Order Tracking Program?

Easily track your offers and orders with the Order Tracking Program. It ensures that the sales process is managed accurately and effectively. It is a program that will reduce the work of mid-sized companies as much as the companies that prepare the proposal in an intense manner.

You can make a bid request, create a bid, send it to the other side, follow it, revise it again and send it back, and follow up the finalization process.

What is Order Tracking Software Good for?

The user can view the proposals that the program has prepared and prepared with his own name and password.

The administrator can track his own bids and bids from other users.

You can follow appointments, interviews, tasks.

You can add an optional product and define a payment plan.

You can calculate workmanship, you can check the cost information of one life.

With the offer reminder feature, the program reminds you on the reminder date. You can follow the bidding validity dates and developments belonging to one life.

You can discount the offer lower. With the rounding feature, we can automatically adjust the bid amount according to the amount we want.

You can determine the unit price according to the customer with the profit rate.


Why Use Product Tracking Software?

The main reason for the good work of the companies is that the records of the companies are firmly established. Companies that are aware of this know that the most reliable methods use some utilities. It is very important to keep records of items such as product tracking, warehouse tracking. With a product tracking software that works smoothly and systematically, your feedback to your customers will always be positive.

The most important thing to consider in the development of the software is that it can be started immediately without need of highly engineered staff, no need for large number of parameters, all modules can be used over time, the use of standard screens is facilitated and unused parts are displayed on the screen.