UTS Production Management System is a web-based system used for factories that make order-based production, and where production is entered via tablet computers by employees in the field.

You can prepare your customer offers, create your orders and sub-processes (work packages), assign them to machines and employees.

You can follow the status of all your orders with the completed information coming from the tablets of the employees. You can instantly view the current status of your orders in the calls your customers have made to inquire about your orders.

Thanks to the comprehensive reports you can get according to

daily, weekly, monthly and annual periods, raw material consumption, employee and machine You can see the working times in detail.


UTS Production Management System facilitates the management of the entire process, from the preparation of the proposal for the customer to the completion and invoicing of the production and notification to the customer.

  • Which machine was operated by whom, for what purpose, when, for how long,
  • How much of which raw materials have been used,
  • Which customer received what offers and when, and what responses were received to them,
  • You can easily view the customer-based order details, how much work has been done to a customer, and similar details on the system.

Data mining can be done on all data kept on the system and you can access comprehensive analysis data. For example; You can analyze how long a raw material type is processed by similar people in similar works and what the waste amount is through UTS Production Management System.

Especially in areas where it is difficult to manage sub-processes and working with systems such as laser cutting device, brake bending machine, oxygen cutting such as the metalworking industry. The system provides unmatched control and control.

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    What can be done

    It is a system that facilitates the management of the entire process from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of products.

    As a result of the orders received, each process of production can be planned separately by the production manager and the system shows the completion status of the process according to the production quantities. When allowed, it automatically transmits the “Production Completed” information of the orders, all processes of which have been completed, to the order owner via SMS or e-mail.

    It reduces the amount of time and waste by combining the planned processes containing the same raw materials in different orders and planning the production as a single process.

    In order to facilitate the shipment of the completed orders, it enables the orders of each shipping region to be grouped and distribution plans created.


    With its advanced authorization management, each module can work independently of each other. Different users can be given different permissions and it can be ensured that they do not see sections and information outside of their authority.

    • You can define all of your manufactured products and the raw materials, auxiliary materials or semi-finished products required for the production of these products.
    • Default production and price standards for products can be defined,
    • It can be programmed to synchronize product lists by integrating with your existing ERP system.
    • Records of machines and employees can be kept and their work statistics can be monitored.
    • Employees can be authorized for the machines they are related to.
    • Historical movements of machine and worker processes can be listed.
    • It ensures that the information of all working customers is kept. It can be transferred from the existing ERP system or can work synchronously.
    • It facilitates risk analysis over the records of past transactions and specifying risky customers in bid management.
    • It is the module that enables the preparation of price offers and letters of offer for existing or planned products.
    • Accepted offers can be converted into orders, canceled or rejected offers can be archived.
    • The prices at the offer stage and the order prices can be kept separately.
    • It manages and reminds the bids that are due but not answered.
    • For order preparation according to the specified priority and deadline.
    • It facilitates the receipt of forms such as order receipt, order tracking form in the desired format.
    • Displays the list of all transactions (order genealogy) made by machines and workers during the processing of the order.
    • Allows orders to be put on hold during production.
    • Allows the calculation of individual prices for different units.
    • It facilitates the follow-up and management of malfunctions that may occur in machines during production.
    • It accelerates the intervention of the technical unit to the situation by sending mobile notifications or SMSs to the calls to be made by the employee with the codes determined for the malfunctions.
    • It reduces the disruption of production by speeding up the preparation of user-level response scenarios for failures and the transmission of these scenarios to the employee at the time of failure.
    • It provides optimization and grouping of orders belonging to different distribution regions.
    • Facilitates the creation of distribution plans.
    • It creates fuel and time savings with optimal distribution route.
    • Allows the examination of the offer status, machine and worker working hours, the number of raw materials and products produced, and the usage rates of product categories between the specified dates.
    • It facilitates the regular transmission of reports prepared in the desired format to the relevant units.

    It facilitates communication with the relevant person or units in case of offers, orders, transactions and other reminders by entering the saved e-mail access information or the authorization codes provided by the SMS service provider.

    Currency conversions for all monetary calculations can be made easily with the exchange rate information obtained from the Central Bank or the data provider preferred by the company.

    • It enables the Production Management System to be used within the production area.
    • Processes planned productions can be viewed, started and completed by employees.
    • Works on devices with Android operating system.

    UTS Production Management System

    • Product and Raw Material Management
    • Quote, Order, Process Planning and Management
    • Fire Control with Order/Process Consolidation
    • Planning and Management of Order Shipments
    • Advanced Troubleshooting and Tracking
    • Employee/Machine Performance Monitoring
    • Specific and Periodic Reporting
    • Web Based Management Panel
    • Field Application with Android Operating System
    • SMS and E-Mail Based Status Notification
    • Advanced User Authorization
    • Customizable Theme


    – Thanks to the production that is followed at every stage, production standards are established, waste is reduced.
    – It ensures the follow-up and management of malfunctions
    – Employees save time ensure their effective use.
    – Saves energy and time, reduces operating costs.


    The activity status of each machine or employee can be viewed live. Operations of existing orders can be followed instantly.

    Machine running times are shown live.



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