LYS Logistics Management System

Forwarder (Forwarder)) is a web-based forwarder software that companies can manage their offers and positions, and coordinate between supplier and customer companies.

It allows you to carry out all your operations comfortably and uninterruptedly, from the quotations screens from the suppliers, to the quote methods to the customer and creating the offer form

The system is fully customizable with its interactive screens where file tracking can be performed by customers, suppliers, senders and recipient companies, action processing and methods of transmitting these actions to companies in different languages in their own language.


Parts of the System

This is the section where marketing management can be done in the system. Customers to call and meetings to be made are planned here.

Customer meetings can be planned, calls made by employees in line with their plans and their results, employee performances can be viewed.

A promotional e-mail can be sent to the interviewed customers during the interview.

This is the section where offers to be sent to customers and offers from suppliers are managed.

You can send your offers to your customers regarding the operations to be organized and the files to be opened, and you can view the status of your offers here.

The price offers you have requested from the suppliers are collected by sending an e-mail to your suppliers and by filling in the online offer form.

The offers you send to your customers can be approved by them online.

This is the section where you will manage operation files that you will prepare for road, sea, air and other methods.

You can follow up your current lists, authorized lists of current clients, your own goods and other loading units. You can also track your documents of your own property.

Thanks to the system that can be developed completely by you, you can define the selectable data of all parameters.

  • Shipping Service Codes
  • Attributes
  • Shipping Terms
  • Payment Methods
  • Freight Payment Methods
  • Carrier Types
  • Carriers
  • Load Types
  • Filling Locations
  • Customs
  • Delivery Types
  • Types of Declaration
  • Interview Checklist
  • Action List
  • Sector List
  • Conversation Source List
  • Customer Classes

Contains the information that comes with the installation in the system. Data such as country, region, customs, port, etc., which are not changed very often, are kept.

These data and tables can also be updated by you.

This is the part where financial transactions are made. Operations such as income/expense types, balance sheet viewing can be performed.

Non-operational expenses and receipts can be added. Periodic reporting can be done.

This is the section where you can establish the organizational structure of your business.

You can define user authorizations, create users according to authorizations, and specify which sections can be viewed by users with which authorizations here.

You can track your employee’s insurance, premium, salary, and tax expenses here.

This is the section where the system can be managed. You can make your customizations and integration settings here.

You can set e-mail and document templates, company information and language settings to be sent to your suppliers and customers here.


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