Discover our AI-powered Quality Control Software specially designed for the automotive industry! This innovative solution, available for use in every department of your business, elevates your industry experience to the next level and is designed to maximize your quality standards. Supported by artificial intelligence algorithms, our software enables you to make more informed decisions with data-driven analysis. Equipped with automatic decision support systems, our software enhances efficiency at every level and optimizes decision-making processes within your business. Quality Control Managers and designated users can access all data, generate reports, and perform analyses in desired formats. Additionally, it boasts a flexible structure that can be utilized on desktop, web-based, or mobile platforms, making it easier for your business to ensure quality control anytime, anywhere. Take a step towards strengthening your industry experience and maximizing your business potential with our AI-powered Quality Control Software!


At Modsoft, we produce custom software tailored to fit your company’s quality control system.

With our software’s completely dynamic architecture, you can handle all configurations and revisions yourself.

Therefore, the software we develop will fully meet your needs, and we’ll be available 24/7 to provide solutions for any additional requirements you may have.


The QCS Quality Control Management System is not just a system for collecting and displaying quality control records and measurement results; it is also a system where you can manage the entire quality system from your employees to your devices. Some sections within the system and their capabilities are listed below.

Allows for the identification and management of internal and external units within your business. Relevant data can be extracted from the system in formats such as Word, Excel, or PDF, and data can also be uploaded to the system from an Excel file. All data related to these units can be used as selection menus during reporting, analysis, and data collection phases, enabling analysis based on this data. For example, information such as how much validity each type of raw material has or how much waste is incurred from which supplier can be analyzed.

You can manage the certificates and expiration dates of the quality control devices used in your business, the operations performed on the devices, and schedule future inspection plans. You can create notification emails to remind you when relevant dates are approaching. You can also track and plan training, certification, and other situations related to your employees, as well as determine notification times.

Instead of ready-made forms available in the system for you to perform necessary checks, there is a form designer where you can configure your own forms. You can determine all the parameters of the forms you want to keep records of and collect data of any type from the field. If you are a project-based manufacturing company, you can plan form layouts for each project. You can also specify which data will be collected in each project. You can plan your quality processes on the system, determine what actions will be taken in which process, and set the actions to be taken at the end of the process (such as sending an email or transition condition). With the data management system, which allows access to the QCS database, you can prepare your own queries. By linking different forms together, you can access custom results. Using the advanced report designer, you can generate outputs such as product certificates, inventory reports, and conditional acceptance certificates in the format you want, using the document formats you prepare.

The QCS Quality Control System is equipped with advanced data transfer modules. With the data transfer tool with an Excel interface, you can transfer your past records and existing tables to the system and use your own data structure. During initial configuration, if you create a structure that is compatible with your existing control system when creating your record forms, you can upload your past records to the system. Additionally, the system is integrated with database provider modules for:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access 97
  • Microsoft Access 2007
  • Microsoft SQL Server CE
  • Oracle
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Google BigQuery
  • Teradata Firebird
  • IBM DB2
  • MySQL
  • Pervasive PSQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SAP Sybase Advantage
  • SAP Sybase ASE

Thanks to these database provider modules, you can also transfer data from your own ERP/MRP/CRM system.

The system offers highly advanced and customizable data analysis tools. With the panel designer and report designer, you can monitor real-time data and generate outputs in the desired format.


Our Quality Control Software is enhanced with machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. Through regression analyses and optimizations conducted on the server side based on measurement results, the software can propose suggestions to managers for redefining company standards. Additionally, you can assign these panel files or reports to units or user groups, allowing only authorized personnel to view relevant data.

All data entered by technicians in the QCS Quality Control Management system is stored in multiple tables. To prevent data corruption or alteration, an audit trail is maintained. Information such as when a record was entered, who entered it, and for what purpose, as well as when and why it was modified, is available in the system. When changes are needed to registered data, technicians create requests. These requests can be approved by authorized personnel, allowing limited changes to be made.
* Audit Trail: An audit trail is a chronological record, set of records, and/or source and target documentation that provides documentary evidence of activities that have affected at any time a specific operation, procedure, or event, and that may affect the operation, procedure, or event.

The system works in conjunction with integrated MS Office programs and has its own document management system. By keeping your quality documents in the system, you can also manage revisions. When a document needs revision, you can quickly publish the necessary revision by changing only the relevant parts through the cluster mechanism. Additionally, you can keep instructions prepared by the Quality Assurance Team that determine how quality control will be performed, track them here, and allow relevant personnel to view them.

You can create as many users and user authorizations as you want in the system and adjust their authorization settings. Through the authorization system, users cannot view sections outside their permissions or enter data. Additionally, you can create your address book on the system and set up email groups. This allows actions on the system to be communicated to the designated individuals. Furthermore, you can create reminders for future dates in the system. By adding expiring certificates, validations, or calibrations to reminders, you can ensure that relevant actions are taken by the appropriate personnel when needed.

Through database management, you can add multiple database connections to the system. This increases the portability of your quality management and allows for a more flexible system. With external file management, you can store any number and category of external files on the system. External file management, which allows files to be viewed by different units, creates a cloud-based sharing mechanism.


QCS Kalite Kontrol Yazılımı neler sağlar

  • Employee-centric and user-friendly,
  • Observation of whether measurements are within acceptable values, i.e., AQL (Acceptable Quality Limits),
  • Monitoring of device calibrations,
  • Management of employee training, certification,
  • Complete traceability from raw material input to product output,
  • Real-time control of all processes through indicator panels and outputs,
  • Compatibility with your ERP systems, connection to all databases,
  • Easy transfer of historical data thanks to the data transfer wizard,
  • Quality technical support under the Modsoft Support System throughout your usage period.

To learn more about QCS Quality Control Software, see how it works and its suitability for you, and get a custom price quote for your company, please contact us.

Quality Control Software Screenshots


Please ask any questions you have about the system, learn about its capabilities and possibilities, and understand if it’s right for your business. We’d be happy to introduce our system to you and provide information about the details during an online meeting.