What Are After Sales Services

After sales services encompass all the support and services provided to customers after the purchase of a product. These services include various areas such as product installation, setup, usage, maintenance, repair, and customer support. The purpose of after sales services is to increase customer satisfaction and provide customers with a seamless experience with their products. These services aim to support customers throughout the product lifecycle and ensure the effective use of the product.

After sales services generally include:

  1. Installation and Setup Services: Providing support to customers for the correct installation and setup of products.

  2. Technical Service: Providing maintenance, repair, and warranty services for products.

  3. Spare Parts Supply: Procuring and providing the spare parts necessary for products.

  4. Customer Support: Providing services such as answering product-related questions, providing technical support, and sharing user manuals.

These services not only enable customers to use their products smoothly but also help increase brand and company loyalty.

This software facilitates tasks such as determining the regions where authorized services operate, managing customer requests, and creating work orders. Authorized services can view customer requests in their regions, create work orders, and manage service entries. This feature enables authorized services to manage their work more efficiently and provide faster and more effective service to customers.

Increase Your After Sales Service (SSH) Profits

Increasing Profits:

  • Effectively managing after sales services increases customer satisfaction and triggers repeat sales. Satisfied customers increase their trust in the brand and choose it for their future needs.
  • Quickly meeting customer requests, timely dispatching work orders, and efficiently completing services increase customer satisfaction and strengthen brand loyalty.
  • With increased customer satisfaction, the likelihood of gaining new customers through customer referrals and references also increases. This leads to increased sales and revenue.

Increase Spare Part Sales:

  • This software efficiently manages customer requests and work orders. This makes it easier to identify needed spare parts and recommend them to customers.
  • Automatic spare parts lists can be created and presented to customers based on customer requests. This increases spare parts sales.

Authorized Technical Service Management and Monitoring:

  • The software streamlines tasks such as determining the regions where authorized technical services operate, managing customer requests, and creating work orders.
  • Authorized technical services can view customer requests in their regions, create work orders, and manage service entries.
  • The ability for technical services to view, manage, and complete assigned work orders enables them to manage their work more efficiently.
  • Systematically managing customer requests and work orders allows for monitoring the performance of authorized technical services and intervening when necessary. This facilitates increased service quality and ensures customer satisfaction.

After Sales Service (SSH) Software Scope

Stock Management

Stock Category Management

Stock categories can be created, edited, and deleted. Stock categories can be organized hierarchically.

Stock Card Management

You can transfer stocks, spare parts, consumables to the system from the existing ERP system. Changes in these can be managed synchronously with ERP.

Product Management

Product Category Management

You can create, edit, and delete product categories. You can organize product categories hierarchically.

Product Card Management

You can transfer products to the system from the existing ERP system. Changes in products can be updated in the system by pulling from ERP. You can store product information in the system. You can enter parts used in products under products.
Technical Service Management

You can define dealers named as technical services in the system. Information can be recorded for each technical service in the system. Responsibilities of technical services can be determined. Technical services can be grouped and displayed separately according to categories.

Customer Management

You can add companies named as customers to the system and keep the information about companies on the system. Customers can be grouped and displayed according to categories. Companies can request service via the system and view the products they have purchased. Also, companies can update their information through the system.

Service Requests

You can save service requests coming from different channels (Phone, web, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) to the system as a system administrator. You can view service requests from customers on the system and assign them to the relevant Technical Service. As a system administrator, you can view the details of service requests that have been fulfilled or are open.

Service requests can be categorized according to urgency or fulfillment status and displayed. You can enter the materials to be added to the service request as a system administrator. Materials used in the service and technical service expenses can be viewed in detail. Satisfaction surveys can be sent to customers and/or technical services after the service, and detailed analysis and reporting can be done based on satisfaction surveys.

Quality Management

The Quality Manager can create surveys through the system and send these surveys to customers and/or technical services. Based on the survey results, you can evaluate the status of stock, product, customer, and technical service. Detailed analyses and reporting can be done, and the desired report outputs can be obtained through the system.

System Management

You can create as many authorizations as you want on the system and create as many users as you want. You can give users the authorizations they want, and which modules they can access can be determined by an authorized user. All operations performed by users, technical services, and customers on the system can be viewed via system logs along with IP addresses.


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