What is Software and Technology Consulting?

Although technology does not have an organism like living things, it is a discipline that evolves over time in the light of developing science and adapts to conditions. It has come up with different types of human beings within the scope of needs and necessities.

In today’s capitalist and fast-paced market, those who catch the technological trend and identify this trend with themselves quickly climbed the ladder of success, while those who applied traditional methods remained silent.

Following technological developments and understanding these trends is possible with a certain knowledge and experience. However, companies and organizations that want to apply technology in every department often choose the wrong technology or give up on this choice due to lack of knowledge and experience.

What We Offer?

As Modsoft, we analyze the functioning structure of your company and guide you to the technology most suitable for your needs.

Instead of costly and complex solutions, we evaluate the most optimal for you and support you in choosing the right one.

Whether they are short-term problems or disruptions in services that spread over the long term, we are at the intersection of problems with technology.

What is Software and Technology Consulting?

This service does not mean that the service provider is limited to what he knows, and that the company or organization, that is, the service area, is limited to what he knows.

It is not possible for us to offer our service without analyzing your creation. Therefore, when you want to receive consultancy services, we should be a part of your team.

We are also ready to support your projects in this regard. We can also offer this service for your projects that are in the idea but not realized.

what can be done?

  • Existing System Analysis
  • Identification of Needs
  • Investment Needs Analysis
  • Information Budget Management
  • Database Analysis
  • ERP-CRM Requirements Analysis
  • Project Management