Our Mission; to give importance to customer confidentiality in each of our projects and to prevent our customers’ knowledge from being learned by their competitors.

Our Vision is to develop products and projects that are difficult to obtain by using reverse engineering, attack and coercion methods, and thus, does not allow third parties to capture the information of our customers.

In order to carry out this mission and vision, we also enlighten our valued customers before our projects, and we try not to share information and experience without mutual confidentiality agreement.

Draft Privacy Policy

  1. PARTY

On one side resident at (hereinafter referred to as CUSTOMER for short.)

On the other hand, Modsoft Information Technologies, located at Balıkesir University Technology Development Zone, Floor:2, No:4, Cagil Campus, Altıeylül/Balıkesir and Arge San.Tic.Ltd.Şti. (hereinafter referred to as MODSOFT) in this agreement) have agreed on the following conditions.


The subject of the contract is within the scope of the “” project :                          

    1. MODSOFT, unless the CUSTOMER‘s approval is obtained for the information and document that is given to it by CUSTOMER and which is clearly stated to contain confidentiality regarding the work carried out;
    2. < strong>CUSTOMER, unless MODSOFT‘s approval is obtained for the information and document given to him/her by MODSOFT and clearly stated to contain the confidentiality, regarding the work carried out;

To MODSOFT by CUSTOMER during the project defined in the contract; Idea, project, invention, work, method, progress and patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret or other legal law regarding the business development project disclosed to CUSTOMER by MODSOFT All kinds of innovations that are subject to protection or not, and all written or oral commercial, financial, technical and speaking information to be learned during work are considered confidential.

    1. MODSOFT, the project defined in the contract undertakes to provide CUSTOMER with all kinds of information and documents required within the scope of.
    2. MODSOFT, information, document, company related to the project mentioned in this contract. The name, title and other information and documents related to the companies are confidential and therefore, they and their employees will know only as much as they need to know for their job, and that these information and documents are in no way possible without the consent of the CUSTOMER. accepts and undertakes that it will not be disclosed to other legal persons and organizations other than for their working purposes.
    3. MODSOFT is jointly and severally responsible for the acts of its own employees or those doing business on their behalf against the confidentiality stipulated in this contract, to the privacy principles of their employees or those doing business on their behalf. MODSOFT is primarily responsible to CUSTOMER in case of non-confidential attitudes and behaviors of those doing business on its behalf.
    4. CUSTOMER MODSOFT firm that has disclosed to MODSOFT the documents and information related to the project, without the consent of CUSTOMER, in violation of the contract. If found out by CUSTOMER, she will be responsible for it. It undertakes to take all necessary measures to prevent the transmission of this information and documents to third parties, and cannot avoid its responsibility by claiming that it has not prevented the dissemination of this information and documents and/or has no fault, despite taking every precaution. MODSOFT and CUSTOMER agree and undertake to indemnify any material and/or moral damages incurred by a situation contrary to the contract.

    < /li>


The obligation to comply with confidentiality, which is the subject of this contract, will start with the start of the project subject to this contract by MODSOFT and will continue after the end of this work.< /p>


For all kinds of notifications to be made regarding this contract and its implementation, the parties have determined the addresses written in this contract as their legal residence. The parties are obliged to notify the other party of the address changes via a notary public or registered mail with return receipt within three (3) days. Otherwise, they accept that the notification to the addresses written in the contract will be valid according to the 35th article of the notification law. Message, information, text, warning, payment notification, account statement can be sent to CUSTOMER‘s e-mail address during the contract period. The CUSTOMER cannot claim that the electronic messages in question were not received or not reached, and accepts, declares and undertakes that the said messages will be deemed to have been legally notified after (3) days from the date they are sent.


Turkish Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise from the implementation of this contract.


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