Our Mission; It is to ensure that our human resources, which provide the strength of our company, work with devotion in the services they provide by keeping the welfare level high.

Our Vision is to ensure that all of our employees keep themselves up-to-date in order to develop the brain power in our country and to allow them to constantly improve themselves on current technologies.

We strive to establish a democratic and social and environment within the company so that our human resources can believe in themselves and keep their self-confidence high within this framework.

Our Standards and Operation

The following are the standards we follow in and out of the office in order to achieve the employee model we desire and protect our vision :

  • Our people are more important than anyone and anything.
  • Project responsibilities and every job to be done (from development activities to clean-up activities) within the company is fairly distributed.
  • The hierarchical level cannot prevent the fair distribution of work .
  • The person’s primary goal should be self-improvement. For this purpose, he should keep the subjects he knows up to date and do research on the subjects he does not know.
  • Learning to learn is the basic principle. He should not waste his time at work or others to learn, and should strive to improve himself in his spare time.
  • All of our employees should approach their responsibilities with an absolute duty approach, not a job.

The duty is to accept a task undertaken or given to him as one of his private affairs, as a phenomenon that he will feel uneasy when it is not completed. 

  • Work, at work; private life is excluded from the workplace. However, in cases where developments in private life will affect business life, private life is the priority. Jobs are somehow taken over by others. However, the negativities experienced in private life can cause irreversible damages.
  • It’s important to be happy. Unhappiness is motivation’s worst enemy. Therefore, in cases where any of our employees are not happy, it is our company’s responsibility to remedy this.
  • Everyone has a share in the profits. Therefore, the income generated will return to all employees as premium or reward.
  • Every individual has the right to obtain the necessary materials in the working environment in order to fulfill his responsibility. Fulfilling this right is the responsibility of our company.
  • No natural or legal entity has the right to treat our employees unfairly with regard to their work . Problems and deficiencies are handled by official processes, independent of individuals.
  • The achievements of our employees theirs; failures are the responsibility of the company.

Your opinion is important to us

You are valuable and important to us. We want to make sure we give you the best possible service. If you have suggestions on how we can improve this policy, please share them with us.