As a company, we attach importance to R&D activities in all development processes.

All of our projects that we have developed in Balıkesir University Technology Development Zone are produced as a result of long-term R&D studies.

From literature reviews to trial and error tests; R&D is one of the most processes for us at every stage of our projects, from detailed research of theoretical field requirements to practical solution development stages.

We include the R&D process in all our plans to meet the needs, we examine different perspectives and consider positive or negative opinions as a result of these perspectives.

Generating or Developing an Idea

We give the feeling of value to all our customers who come to us with an idea during the work we do together.

However, we would like to present our opinions to them to strengthen their weaknesses by making the feasibility of their existing ideas, and to support their strengths with concrete examples.

In this context, we do not hesitate to express our opinions on the subject in order to draw attention to the following issues, and we recommend the following issues to them:

  • Market research should be done and it should be checked whether there are similar ideas,
  • Let them know about the strengths and weaknesses of your target audience and increase the target/effort ratio,
  • Get the opinions of people from similar sectors on the subject,
  • We recommend that similar failed attempts assess the reasons of failure.

Thought Analysis and Enterprise Research

An idea can seem quite valuable when considered in its outline. However, when the sub-ideas and theoretical parts are considered, failures may occur in the issues that you foresee.

This is why thought analysis and similar enterprise research is so important at this stage. The reality of sub-ideas and foresights based on the main idea and their place in the market should be compared well.

Audience Reviews

All commercial ideas are aimed at winning. On the way to this goal, the mass gains importance. The positive impressions that the idea will leave on the audience will make that idea more valuable.

For this reason, the issue of whether the current ideas are understood correctly by the relevant masses during their journey to their ultimate goals and how important they are by the masses should be well studied at the R&D stage.

Because they know their customers better, we act in partnership with our customers and guide them to determine their need analysis accordingly.