Our human resources, which is the greatest treasure we have, consists of experienced and expert individuals.

While planning our project management processes, we consider it essential to distribute the tasks according to the abilities and areas of expertise of our teammates.

Therefore, when there are individuals who apply to join us, we evaluate these individuals according to our current needs.


Muzaffer Onur DAĞHAN

Çağatay BAŞER




Application Stage

In order to be included in the process, you must first apply and be accepted.


This is the stage where the candidates apply. Applications are accepted face-to-face or by sending a CV to the contact address.

Application Review by Whole Team

Internship and job applications made to our institution are subject to preliminary examination together with the entire team in our company.

Giving Appointment Dates for Face-to-face Interview to Eligible Candidates

Candidates who pass the preliminary examination and are found suitable for interview are given an appointment date for face-to-face interview and evaluation.

Performing the Interview

On the date of the appointment, the candidates who come for the interview are interviewed under the following topics.

  • Candidate’s suitability for the position applied for
  • His technical and mental competence
  • Personality and compatibility
  • Other Topics
Unanimous Election by Teammates of the Candidates Who Successfully Complete the Interview

Candidates who pass the interview positively are evaluated by the team according to the impressions they have left in the interview.

Evaluation Phase

A two-month trial period begins for accepted candidates.

The recruited candidates are examined according to the following topics during the evaluation process:

  • The one who is enthusiastic about research and learning on unfamiliar subjects?
  • Can he/she develop on his/her duties and responsibilities by using initiative?
  • Does he/she believe he/she can single do a small to medium-sized project from draft to final?
  • When faced with a problem, does he/she approach it with ambition and perseverance, not as a task but as a puzzle to solve?
  • Does he/she value and trust?
  • Will he/she adapt to the dynamics of the team?
  • Does evaluate us after meeting us?


Candidates who are successful at the end of the trial period are recruited and have career opportunities.

Employee Evaluation Criteria

All employees are evaluated according to their approach to the responsibilities assigned to them.

  • Fulfilling the duties correctly and completely,
  • Stress to reach a solution to the problems that they have encountered,
  • He/She spends her private time useful to improve herself
  • Individuals who aim to grow together by acting in favor of the company,

They go one step ahead in evaluation.

Overseas Work Opportunities

We direct our colleagues, whom we believe will represent our company abroad in the best possible way with their knowledge and talent, to work in our offices abroad in line with their wishes.

In this context;

  • No problem with foreign language,
  • Able to adapt easily to different cultures,
  • To our employees who have excelled in customer communication and business analysis

We recognize overseas job opportunities.


The profits are shared fairly within our company. In addition to the rightful salary, some of the income is offered to our employees as bonuses and rewards.