Application Phase

In order to be involved, you must first apply and be accepted.


It is the stage where candidates apply. Applications will be accepted by sending a CV to face-to-face or contact address.

Review of the Application by the Board of Directors

The applications made to our institution are subject to preliminary review by the board of directors.

Appointment Date for Face-to-Face Meetings to Appropriate Candidates

Appointment dates are given for face-to-face interviews and evaluations passed on the preliminary examination of the Board of Directors and deemed appropriate for the interview.


The candidates for interview at the appointment date are interviewed under the following topics.

  • Appropriateness of the position the applicant applies
  • Technical and intellectual competence
  • Personality and compatibility
  • Other topics
Selection of Candidates by Voting Board by the Board of Directors

Candidates who pass the examination are evaluated according to the points they have taken in the interview and are selected by the Board of Directors according to the votes of the votes.

Evaluation Phase

Two month trial period starts for accepted candidates.

Assignment of Trainer and Advisor to Recruiting Candidates

Candidates who are recruited are assigned instructors and consultants who are suitable for their abilities and positions.

Candidates are kept for 2 months trial period

New employees enter the 2 month trial period. Those who successfully complete the process start working as permanent staff.


At the end of the trial period, successful candidates are recruited and have career opportunities.

All Personnel Achievement Assessment Analysis Reports Available

Candidates recruited are assigned instructors and consultants who are qualified to their abilities and positions.

Annual Evaluation

The most successful personnel in their department are evaluated annually. Successful staff is determined at the general assembly held at the end of the year.


It is decided to reward the personnel evaluated as successful in the General Assembly by promotion, bonus and promotion.